MIss Skeleton

feel it, see it, own it.....


MIss Happy Happy JOy JOy

Merry Xmas to all of you dudettes and dudes......

for u with LOVE.....
MIss Nati Collazo..... .(^_^).


MIss Art Hair

Looking for inspiration??? who would said hair is so much fun !!!!!!

and by the way dudettes, Hairstylists make my work so much prettier and funkylicious!!!!
thxs all of you !!!!!!!! will keep in touch... .(^_^).

MIss Gaga

Well its impossible not to notice the Avant Garde look and sometime what the F*** factor in the choice of wardrobe that artist MIss Lady Gaga engage in .

Really like her risque attire and I believe in creating a "character" of herself, like many others do or did, like MIss Elton John, Cher and many more.....

This is why I give Miss Lady Gaga a two thumbs up, never the less the extremely talented singer have the shock value over saturated, & sometimes I fell a bit confuse with her choice of attire, but I believe in the freedom of creativity and if you show it, Flaunt it!!! and own your Style!!!!! Keep it up MIss Gaga......
MIss CHER....
MIss ELton John

MIss Salt & Pepper

For some strange reason in every kitchen, restaurant, or any dining experience I like to always pay attention to the salt and pepper, not because it always need some flavor, just because it always can tell the personality of the owner, and it can tell you a bit of them.

I did a mini research in Salt and Pepper on the internet, and found so many interesting figurines!! and every time I can picture a friend that will own them in a minute......

MIss Salt and Pepper please handle with care......


MIss Preppy Spring

I'm really enjoying the structure of the silhouette, very manly and preppy at the same time.... Loving the light fabrics as well of the movement that each piece gives to the collection......

HOw can you don't love leather..... ??


MIss Morning Shine

Every morning is a new day, don't let yesterday ruin this for you....
enjoy your life... smile 2day..... .(^_^).

MIss Buckle LOVE

My lovely dudettes, if you haven't realize my LOVE for shoes this is a good moment to sit and analyze this blog, cause and I'm really considering to leave boys alone and go full frontal about my other passion..... SHOES!!!!!!!

This buckle boots are a result of the second collaboration of MIss Chloe Sevigny with Opening Ceremony (fall winter09). Love the androgyny of them, there are not masculine either feminine, they are just edgy as F****, and I'm going to Rock them like no tomorrow.......

p.s. rock the leather anywhere you wish

MIss Wednesday

this is Cristina Ricci.....
One of my favorite actress & trend setter ....
love her simpleness, weird beauty and grunge appeal...


MIss Enchanted Doll

Since I was a little girl my favorite pastime was playing with dolls, dressing them, making them ready to any occasion and situation. Now I found myself dressing and playing with real life dolls.
When I found this website and just couldn't believe the realness and sweetness of this state of the art DOLLS, and it is a proof that it is possible to create beauty, within beauty.

please visit www.enchanteddoll.com
your eyes will thxs me.......

MIss Unusual

this is a unusual way to see furniture & Miss Lila Jang's "Canape" made it posible. This (art) chair is part of the exhibition called Parcours Saint-Germain in Paris....


MIss Spring Vuitton 2010

This is a preview of the Spring 2010 Louis Vuitton show,
such dolls!!!!!!

The hair was inspired by "Japanese Manga travelers",
"Its not meant to be serious or sophisticated , they're just travelers off on their way", said hairstylist Guido Palao....

Makeup artist Pat McGraph made art wearable, and made the models just flawless in a creative and fun way to see fashion.

Marc Jacob have been inspired by the doll like frame of the children books and this is a great example of this.....


MIss Chic Plastic

Karl Lagerfeld has presented “Chanel Perspex Briefcase,” an elegant and mostly black take on power suiting for Chanel that included this fantastically witty take on the working gal’s briefcase.

MIss High Fashion Protector

Who said you need to sacrifice fashion over safety?????
Designer DIddo Valena brings a new way to see protection...... & with a bit of help of some designers, this look is even more fabulous....

Velema talks about his designer gas masks:

“Deep down, we are afraid we may never be satisfied. An expanding archive of branded myths and icons feeds this fear. Designer Gas Masks is an attempt to visualize this state of mind. Because it is only by first acknowledging and then challenging fear that we will all be able to breathe a little easier.”

MIss Louboutin

Blast form the PAST oct 2007..........
These are the extraordinary limited edition shoes by Christian Louboutin and their erotic photographic counterparts by David Lynch, presented in "Fetish" Design Art London.

“I tried to keep an element of my drawings, to be faithful to the drawings, with no practicality, just pleasure, thinking of extreme fetish shoes. Usually when you go to the third dimension you lose something,” explains Louboutin of his initial concept, “then I wanted to photograph them – I find there’s more emotion with cinematic images. I wanted Lynch’s style and since we’d recently become friends it was natural for me to ask him.”