MISs MIMi's Eye

 Top model, Jewelry Designer & my friend Miss Miriam Josi presents her eye collection....
from the streets in Puerto Rico to all over the globe MIMI Vert brings  fashion forward minimalism jewelry with a high end taste....  rings to die for, necklaces and oh so yummy earrings that we all love and will enjoy....
Perfect for layering or playing simple, this collection is full of energy and love; and the best of all it will protect you from the unwanted.... 

so go visit mimivert.com and enjoy the pure & modern of MIMI VERT....

MIss Jackson

So, this is our tribute to MIss Michael Jackson!!!! 
long live his music & legacy.......

Miss Naked Mess

Fashion journalist Bruno ( Sasha Baron Cohen) just hit the mags, from Marie Claire to GQ!!!!!
This "Australian" fashionista  is irritating everyone from Eminem @ the MTV awards to the state of Chicago that decided to banded the July edition of GQ, cause of the new cover!!!! Talking outrages.... 
I will say bad press is always good press.... Bruno is making his point across(plublicity for his new movie), and everyone is on alert...

MIss Potter

Not that baD for Miss Emma Watson for UK Elle... 
COme on!!! did u think she was all that goody goody wizzard... maybe Harry Potter will change his mind.....


MIss Material GIrl

New images of MIss Madonna had leaked into the internet for the new campaign for Louis Vuitton  & we are loving it.....

Looks like a shinny doll... she really became the Material Doll, plastic that is.....


MIss less meat= less gas

MIss Stella McCartney & her famous daddy are trying to make a new movement in London to show their love for our planet earth. With a little help of their famous friends becoming part  in  "Meat Free Mondays". 

"Yes, they are asking the public to give up meat on Mondays. And so far, notable mates like Kate Bosworth and Moby are on board to support their cause. The idea is that by giving up meat one day per week, it will help in slowing down global climate change. How? According to the U.K.’s Food Climate Research Network, food production accounts for 20-30 percent of Greenhouse Gas Production, and livestock production accounts for half of that."

So, less meat = less gas. Got it? Good.


MIss Posen...

Zac Posen posses and brings a unique and architectural feel to his clothes & for his resort 2010 is no exception.  
His incorporation of colorful floral prints, hard candy hues and classic black/white combo was done in good taste. Never the less we see the endless use of the bow, in clutches and dresses is some where questionable.  Great for "fashionistas" in red carpets and editorials, Zac brings fun & new ways to view fashion. The Posen woman represents and shows chic silhouette, femininity and uniqueness.
My favorite pieces are the sexy black suit and the white tux over a corseted wedding tank dress, both very chic and wearable.  


MIss Accessorized This

Alber Elbaz's eclectic resort 2010 collection for Lanvin speaks for itself,  and with this big trend, where the bigger the better, accessories are no exception.  

MIss Balenciaga Resort 2010

"My heart just stopped when I caught a glimpse of Balenciaga's resort 2010 collection. 
Using voluminous silhouettes and couture fabrics, Nicolas Ghesquiere reportedly paid homage to the label's founder, Cristóbal Balenciaga. Structured pants varied in degrees of slouchiness, but always skinny at the ankle, and regarding jackets, the more fitted the better. Blouses in plaids, stripes, and polka dots were either dramatically ruffled at the collar, balloon-sleeved, or tied in a bow at the waist; a perfect compliment to those lean pantsuits and open-toe booties."


MIss Oh no u didn't..

Yes!!!!, I'm sorry dudettes but the shoulder pads are back, as well as the power suit; like the depression days are not enough; I don't even know how this going to end  but it better be stylish.  
For NYC Fashion Week Fall 09, fashionistas, where in shock when they saw this trend go back in style; or is it?....

  Givenchy, Calvin Klein & Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, are an example of  collections that showcased strong, architectural shoulders with silky skirts and pants, with a hard to swallow perspective. 

To be honest with you this new look is not that hard to pull off, and in the end you can still look fashion forward and funky, all @ the same time. Match your shoulder pad jacket with a yummy ultra mini, or over a dress and rock those legs like no tomorrow... 
Its all about going fierce by your own!!!
so go rock your outfits, will be waiting for the reactions.....

MIss borrowed jeans

well!, "the I'm sorry I have to borrow your jeans", in a morning after dilemma is over, cause from the A-list to true fashionistas are in all for this boyfriend look.....
From LA to NYc we are seeing on the streets, the great relaxed feel in jeans or over sized shirts, which is so comfy and super stylish for this summer 09 season.....
and remember balance out the look, cause u don't want to be perceive as tomboy,
 keep ur sexy radar in full swing and rock them the right way!!!!!

MIss Barbie Doll

Who said that to be beautiful u need to be bubble headed? 

In 1959 only about  350,000 Barbie dolls were first produced, she was made of heavy vinyl plastic with two types of hair blonde and brunette with a Marilyn style bathing suit. That same year Mattel hired Charlotte Johnson as the first fashion designer for the doll, paying attention to runways from the fashion capital in Paris to create high fashion style for the doll.  

"Barbie  taught that women can be much more in life than arm candy. In fact, that was Ken’s job. 
Singe and self-sufficient, Barbie was ahead of her curves when it came to the women’s movement. Early on, she had jobs like fashion model and flight attendant. By 1965, she was an astronaut, nearly 20 years before Sally Ride became the first American woman in space. And nurse Barbie because surgeon Barbie in 1973, when just 10 percent of doctors were women. Now, a third of them are."

In Spring of 2009 Mattel presented a collective of designers celebrated the 50 years of the dream like botox friendly always perfect doll, who never gets old;  with a fun fashion runway inspired in our favorite Miss Barbie Doll. The show was separated into three sections; Decade, Faux Reality and Future, this spectacular event. 
How we can't forget the dream green dress by Betsie Johnson and the perfect duo from Kenneth Cole. We also saw the interpretation  from 51 designers including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Marchesa, Patricia Field, and Diane Von Furstenberg, what a dream come true!!!! the only question is are they going got sell this, cause for sure the waiting list is going strong.

so go play with the Little girl in your outfits and never forget your sense of style....


MIss street cred...

From MArc Jacobs runways to Cannes 09
Dita Von Teese....... enjoying the moment!!


MIss denim lover

this is an example of the denim glamour trend....
play and match your denim , with lovely accessories, its all about the style....


MIss Summer Lady

Summer yummy trend to Watch: white dress, with yummy gold accessories!!!
Always a flower Child, look your best with sweetness, like the little girl in you, and click it 2gether with funky accessories, like vintage gold necklaces, jewels, jewels, jewels and state of the art open boots, like Jimmy Choo does it!!!
so enjoy and always have fun!!!

Koh Samui dress 
Channel Bag
Jimmy Choo Boots
Antique Jeweled bracelet


MIss super size me

For this season prepared your biceps with the new  super  stylish, super sized clutch; not practical, well imagine the extra space you will have now!!!!  Like we said before the bigger the better, and purses are no exceptions.

So!! don't be afraid of showing some architectural forms, we are all in for the artistic theme in bags, from feathers, leather, jewels, anything that will make your outfit go from nice to OMG!!!
so enjoy and go have fun!!!! 

MIss Workaholic

check out my website..... nataliacollazo.carbonmade.com
photo credit: Ivonne Carlo
styling : Miss Natalia Collazo


MIss Lagerfeld

do I need to say more... don't think so! 
Paris Fashion Week 
Karl Lagerfeld for Channel

MIss big & bold

The sun is rising & the sky is getting clean, & u can't get out of your house not prepared for this summer statement.  For this summer time you have to ROCk this big and bold sunglasses, "the catch":  bright colors, jewels or anything to make your look, summer ready.  Change your everyday  outfits into a divalicious and turn on your do not disturb sign with this amazing look.  From Paris runways great designers from Dior, Nina Riccci, Givenchy, and plus more are bringing new funky styles to the way we see eye wear and babe size does matter, and the bigger the better!!!!

go have fun in the sun, and don't forget to bring your sunglasses....... ^_^........