MIss Oh no u didn't..

Yes!!!!, I'm sorry dudettes but the shoulder pads are back, as well as the power suit; like the depression days are not enough; I don't even know how this going to end  but it better be stylish.  
For NYC Fashion Week Fall 09, fashionistas, where in shock when they saw this trend go back in style; or is it?....

  Givenchy, Calvin Klein & Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, are an example of  collections that showcased strong, architectural shoulders with silky skirts and pants, with a hard to swallow perspective. 

To be honest with you this new look is not that hard to pull off, and in the end you can still look fashion forward and funky, all @ the same time. Match your shoulder pad jacket with a yummy ultra mini, or over a dress and rock those legs like no tomorrow... 
Its all about going fierce by your own!!!
so go rock your outfits, will be waiting for the reactions.....

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