MIss grunge lover...

As the 80's era comeback is coming to the end, THX U GOD, the next big step is to go grunge!! 
This late 80's early 90's movement, inspired by hardcore punk, heavy metal & indie rock with a angst-filled lyrics (profound and deep-seated spiritual condition of insecurity and despair in the free human being), like life wasn't enough; presented to all of us with this dark, anarchy fashion sense and style. To us bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam are the pioneers, bringing grunge to the mainstream and we all followed, & how we did....

This neo-grudge inspiration brought to us first by Marc Jacobs on his runways are coming to a reality in the streets, or the other way around..... & I'm LOVING it!!!!

With this difficult times and the anti-fashion statement that this gives, where the clean cut square preppy look is so three seasons ago,  so go ripped your tight and embrace your freedom, cause u are the only one that cares!!!!!


MIss yummy lips

It is certain that after shoes the best accessories a woman can have are their lips and how well they use it ( if u know what I mean).
It is proven fact that in Egypt and the most famous Cleopatra used to put red lipstick on her sexual oriented power; in ancient Greece mostly the prostitutes use red tint in their lips, to provoke men all over town, but as time pass, the trend became elite for the women's of the era.
In the silent era superstars enhance their lips w dark colors to make notable their almost mimic expressions to on screen appearances ; in the 40's recession women put their makeup on to bust their ego in difficult times.  In the 50's and 60's we saw the power in our self to bust the yummy red lips to enhance our woman sex appeal.
Today we expressed our feelings and moods with a simple touch, with the combination of great outfit and a oh so yummy lipstick, we achieve the look we love and enjoy.
In this spring-summer 09 the designers presented a no makeup- makeup, that involved nude color lipstick and simple clean makeup, to enhance the natural beauty.  On the other hand for fall 09 designers like Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Betsie  Johnson, and much more, presented their dramatic trend in a sour note and not so ready to wear dark lipsticks. Seemed to reflect the time we are experiencing with the world recession and most of all in the fashion industry. 
So if u are fashion forward this is the trend to do, and for my point of view its is oh so delicious to experiment and find our inner little girl to play with make up.
p.s.Just remember that when using this trend keep the eye makeup very subtle, so we can admire the beauty in u in this dramatic look.


MIss one piece lover

Why we have to settle for a boring, traditional bikini, when we can RocK the new high-end trend of the one piece swimsuit. 
For this summer 09 season, designers presented in their runways  their unique view of the new trend of the one piece swimsuit & they  are bringing the sexy back with architectural and silhouette loving swimsuit, that will bring our inner sexy woman out in all of us.  Perfect for driving eyes where we want and distract those parts that u don't want to reveal.. or at least not yet.... 
So! go have fun in the sun and remember to bring your sunblock, cause that extreme suntan is so last season.....


MISS denim

The yummy summer is just around d corner, and the heat wave is coming our way, so put away all your winter gear( which I know ur r still using those boots) and bring the sexy legs out.  
For all of u denim lovers, I just cant have enough of the cutoff daisy dukes jeans, which drives the guys  crazy and the girlz jealous, what else u need , oh well maybe a inspired boho purse, that will bring all the look 2gether, and funky style will meet again!!!!!

So go to your closet, check out the last year jeans and begin your distressed unique jeans look, hot new attire for spring-summer 09 ready to wear anywhere u go.......
don't be afraid to experiment and bring you sexy legs for a spin.... see u around ....


MIss Do this!!!

So this time around is for real!
All this time  I been looking for a light to drive my life car to the place I'm destined to be, New York, LA, Puerto Rico, Milan, oh well I think the last one is the priciest gas, but u can't argue with dreaming; but all I have to do is breathe and believe that all that is happening now is for a reason and everyone is allowed to follow their own dreams, and do not let opportunities come and go, cause the time is now and the rest can wait!!! 

Welcome to my fashion world, and believe me, u will be proud!!!!