MIss Bound Glam

Designer: Ara JO
clients include: lady gaga

MIss Dreamer

Fell in love with the color palad & the architectural feel of the pieces.....
kudos for the creative mind...

Designer: Karla Septic
Collection: Fall/winter 2010

MIsster Tokio Survive

there is always something fun and exciting from people from Tokio, & this dude is a perfect example of this theory....

MIss This Fever

This is a perfect combination for any store or boutique owner... find your self a stylish mannequin and the rest is history.....
this are the military inspired looks in Dorothy Perkins press day....



MIss Workaholic

behind the scene pic, on our way to a secret location @ la Palguera for ICON Magazine summer edition 2010.....stay tune....

here with Marieli, Valerie, Yamil(photographer) & MIss Nati....

MIss Living Doll

Photographer: Pedro Ferreira
Publication: Maxima


MIss Snake Glam

who said owning a snake was sick, well is gnarly gold statement ......
love it!!!!

designer: Skova

MIss Overall Look

I'm just going to make it simple and clear....
Since march I had been obsessing about overalls... yes I'm dealing with a guilt trip, I know, but I think they are super funky and cool.

So what I did, made a research of how to wear them, I'm not going to show you how not to look, but how to embrace the look, sick and tired of people mocking people just because they feel like it. ..... so here are some funky ways to rock your overalls..... enjoy


MIss PIcture Taken

MIss Courtney Love
doing what she does best.....

MIss Warm Colors

Photo story & Photographer: The Satorialist


MIss La LoLa

artist: La Lola
Photographer: Eliud Echevarria
Styling: MIss Natalia Collazo

"nada es lo q parece"
debut album by La LOLA

MIss Audrey

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; & for the poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone"

-MIss Audrey Hepburn


love this.


MIss Creme Negligee

simpleness made sexy.....

collection: The Lake & Stars
designers: Maayan Zilberman & Nikki Dekke
were to buy it: Urban Outfitters
when: may 10, 2010
photographer: Tom Hines

MIss Crop Lover

Let's go back one more time for the 80's look...
lets crop our top off....
still in love with this look, enjoy


MIss Dot Dot

Model: Melodie Dagault
Photographer: Kai Z Feng
Magazine: Lula