MIss Dream Rose

I found my fav heels ever!!!!!!!!
don't know the designer, don't know where to get them.....
if someone know please, please let me know. I'm size 7 .(^_^).

MIss SK8 Glam

So chic, but don't know if a true Sk8boarder can afford to rock this.....
Louis Vuitton Sk8 board = priceless....
thx u Marc Jacobs, love his street GLAM....

MIss Blondie

MIss Blondie, glam rock dudette.....

MIss Super Hero

Have fun with the girl in you, I guess no man will have a problem with that....


MIss Summer Breeze

These is the Lookbook by Ruby and Madame Hawke Spring/Summer collection. Since the first time I saw it, I fell in love with the femine look of it, so girly & yet so flirty. Inspired by the sixties and, obviously with a name like "Bedrock", the Flintstones - this means there are lots of retro twists, animal prints and girlishness for summer.

My fav is the polka dots dress and the green leather shorts, so cute, but I believe there is a piece for every dudette out there.

by the way, love the Aussie model Shanay Hall, so naturally hot!

MIss Summer Breeze

MIss Sexy Carrie

Carrie is in town, London that is......
For the premier of Sex and the City 2, MIss Sarah Jessica Parker wore a beautiful and stunning asymmetrical couture gown by Valentino from his Spring 2010 collection.
I believe that yellow is the new black this summer, & it can come in handy with the tan that we are working on.......happy summer dudettes.


MIss Stairs Glam

Floral blazers are hot hot hot....

MIss Nice Knowing U


MIss Dancing Queen

movement makes art......

MIss Pretty Freckles

such a cutie.... & the make up is a dream...

MIss Happy Camp

cute shirt for a cute look....


MIss Bunny Hop

Today is good day to Bunny Hop......hop... hop.

MIss Web Legs

This is a example of how Freaky can go Fashion ...... & I actually really like it...
new campaign by Vog Socks...... they are on the web now... how genius...

MIss Yummy Bath

after a long day, please go take a long bath....
your body and soul will enjoy it....

MIssTer Blonde

Photographer Shiro Katagiri /
Styling Naoki Ikeda
Hair & Makeup Dai Michishita
Model Wiktor Hansson


MIss Red Lips

maybe is real maybe is fake, but yes, someone got lucky that night....

MIss Always Remember

always remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.....

MIss Cool Denim

play with denim... jeans should be your best friends after all..

MIss Green Light

a good idea for a green planet...

MIss Geeky Hot

so! Its time to go to your old closet and look for your college jacket, cause is coming to hit the street soon..... trend alert just waiting to happened.....


MIssTer Vanity

is never good when vanity surpass your essence, but so important when realizing who you are...

MIss Creme Dream

clean elegance..... beautiful

MIss Still HOt

Summer is here... go out & have fun in the sun with some ultra shorts!!!!!!!!
highly recommended.....

MIssTer Who Said

Who said this is not hot..... cause I love to disagree....

Style 102.
your accessories are the most important thing when dressing up.


MIss Food Styling

Photographer Ted Sabarese with designer Ami Goodheart of SOTU Productions
material: bread
Artist and designer Nancy Wu
material: beef jerky

Photographer Ted Sabarese with designers Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault of Project Runway fame
material: artichoke leaves

German bakery group Lambertz
materia: chocolate

Swedish designer Olle Hemmendorff
suppose to be: Nike Air Max
materias: all of the above

MIss Bedazzle

MIss MIu MIu chic....

MIss Metal love

when I die & go to heaven I will rock this for the visit to the gate....

MIss Week of Style

stylish week for the fashionistas...

MIss Call Me Beautiful

this is a 1968 pics I found.....
tell be about it... so hot & stylish....


MIss Twister Sister

loving the twist factor ......

MIss Summer Ready

Here are some cute options for summer 2010 bikini most.... enjoy.