MIss Chic Bath

description: Blending glamour with contemporary design, the Chic bathtub by Ceramica Galassia exudes modern splendour. With a weighty white frame, the Chic bathtub offers a sharp geometric minimalism. In contrast to these strong straight lines, the bathtub is supported on four spindly aluminium legs. Sweeping and sculptural the legs add a whimsical charm to an otherwise sober design. Finished in a elegant black and white palette, the Chic offers sophistication and class. A distinctive design, the Chic Bathtub by Ceramica Galassia adds a brilliant modern character to contemporary luxury bathrooms.

MIss Boho

1.a native or inhabitant of Bohemia
2.(also bohemian) a person who has a informal and unconventional social habits, especially an artist or writer.
origin: mid 19th cent. from French bohemien "gypsy" (because gypsies were though to come from Bohemian, or because they perhaps entered the West through Bohemia)

MIss Preppy

preppy :
a student of an expensive preparatory school or a person resembling such a student in dress or appearance.

origin: early 20th century

fashion: Elle UK jul 2010

MIss Weird Beauty

designer: Samantha Cole London
styling: a brilliant mind
concept: Weird beauty


MIss Acne Glam

Fashion forward line Acne presented their resort collection 2010 in Paris last week & the WOW factor was in all time high. The hand-made hats & where the accessory lovers dream. This are my favorites looks for the collection, enjoy.....


MIss Summer Time

today is a good day for an ice cream, who wants to join me????

MIss Playhouse

long time no see...

MIss Ring Lover

For me any outfit is not complete without a great piece of jewelry, & most important the rings. I love them, I collect them, I own them, my nephews love to play with them, my friends want to borrow them & Its just a piece of art at your fingertips, literary.

I did a mini research to see fun ways to put your fingers as the hot topic in the next dinner table. How you ask, well easy, dress your fingers with the most unique rings available. How to find them, anywhere in your travelings, in a random vintage shop, in your mom or grandma jewelry box & everywhere in between; thats the great part of them they are so unique, that they can be anywhere.


MIss Naked Cigarette

i just love the shoes....

MIss Old Cushion

MIss Pink

there is nothing more comfortable than ballerina slippers, so its better be cute!!!
love this girly and sweet flower like detail, and best of all, it can make an ordinary outfit to a stylish one.....

MIss Street-chic

this is what I call StreetChic hall of fame.....

MIss Vogue Korea

This are some images from Vogue Korea that I found & find them so beautiful.
For some strange reason by looking at them it makes you relax, no matter if the have strange creatures in the photograph, they are just magnificent.

MIss Tattoo Love

Marc Jacobs brough his tattoo artist Scott Campbell to do a temporary tattoo for the presentation of Louis Vuitton in Fashion Week in Paris show last week, for his Spring2010 collection...
This so Chanel, love it!


MIss Peachy

I just love the feel of this look, so fresh & elegante at the same time...


MIss Parisian Cabaret

Ali Mahdavi & The Girls of Crazy Horse :::: by Ellen von Unwerth::::::::for Tank Summer 2010

MIss 3D Exposed