MIss Old Leather

The world oldest leather shoe revealed on wednesday, with a approximated 5,500 years old . The moccasin type shoe was found in an Armenian cave dated from the Copper Era; the experts say that was tailor made for a right foot of is owner & a today woman size 7; never the less they don't know if the shoe was from a male or female.

Stuffed with grass, perhaps as an insulator & made from a single piece of cowhide, a technique that draws premium prices for the modern shoes under the designation "whole cut", the shoe is laced along seams at the front & the back, with a leather cord.

Shoe designer extraordinare Manolo Blahnik, said via email....
"It is astonishing, how much this shoe resembles a modern shoe!"

*The discovery of the world's oldest known leather shoe was funded by the National Geographic Society, the Chitjian Foundation (Los Angeles), and Joe Gfoeller of the Gfoeller Foundation, the Steinmetz Family Foundation, the Boochever Foundation, and the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology.


  1. Primera vez que entro a tu blog. Very nice, love the fishies!! Blahnik tiene razon, dime q no te lo pondrias....digo,es de tu size!

    Te amo!
    Tu sister

  2. oye tu si q sabes.....
    sure, cuando fui a Londres habian unos super parecidos pero constaban 60 pounds = $130, auchhh
    pero ahora me arepiento d no hablerlos commprado....