MIss Yummy Leather

most have this season: leather short shorts.....

love them !!!!


MIss Red Underneath

MIss Rainy Days

Fall is definitely here......... my hair cant stand it...

MIss Corset

Corsets are so in, that being sexy is the order of the day.....

MIssTer Flawless

An emerging fashion and beauty photographer out of Brooklyn, Kat + Duck, enjoy......


MIss Kiss Phone

someday I'm going to own one ....

MIss Fancy Barbie

Christian Louboutin for Barbie
price: $180.00+

BARBIE's 2009 collection

MIss SuperHero

I always say:
"if you feel like a superhero in the morning, something good you didi last night....."

MIss Lady Spring

Badgley Mischka spring 2010 favorite looks.....


MIss Yellow

MIss One & Only

Sometimes is good to have a break from the people, & enjoy the silence.........

MIss Rock & Roll

I know a perfect match for this lady!!!!

MIss Hungry

As we all know some models are made of plastic, others are just fine with eating sweets........

MIss Teese

MIss Dita Von Teese.... upsy daisy.....


MIss Sheer

dont like the head piece but LOVE the sheer skirt!
Trend Watch Warning!!!!!!

MIss Ready

the best month is around the corner!!!! get ready for Halloween People!!!!
& my birthday too... auuu!

MIss Party People

MIss Moss, Mister Johnny & Iggy Pop

Miss Stay Still

take a moment & make it yours.....

MIss Bunny Hop part.4

MIss Red

MIss I'm not done Yet

MIss Madonna speaks....
& we listen........

LOVE my original material girl!!!!!!!!

MIss Chic Spring

I love this top & skirt & jacket &.......
Masha Ma spring/summer 2011


MIss Vintage EyeGlam

MIss Asos

A fab preview of Asos lookbook fall 2010... lovely.....