MIss Elite the Movie

Ladies & Gentlemen
ELITE the movie is here, & you are all invited to go to a movie theater near you and see it. Be prepared to be entertained by an Action flick made entirely in Puerto Rico for the world..... I know I was there...... *****

I had the privilege to go the premier last tuesday and believe me when I say: "I was impress", my work looks amazing, and my fellow crew members show how much we love what we do & why we rock at it. So! go, get to the movies, order a popcorn & an Iced tea (my fav) and enjoy....... the laughs are on us..... .(^_^).

Wardrobe Designer: MIss Natalia Collazo
Director: Andres Ramires
Producer: Ileana Ciena, Anabelle Mullen
Executive Producer: Jean Paul Polo, Josean Rivera
DP: Heixan Robles
Art Designer: Maritere Ysern

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