MIss Stopped Believing

I guess that time of my life came again, I stopped believing in love.  What if I live my life like a man and quit giving a f*ck about love? Does it make me a bad girl? Does it make me a better woman? I guess is only me who can really answer that, why? Well is my life & I'm the painter of my canvas.

I've been dating for quite some time now & for some strange reason most of the men in my life are just the same, just with different height, hair color & eyes, but they all seem made form the same fabric.  I'm not saying they are "duchebags"(cause they really aren't), but girl they are just not enough.  Maybe its just me,  I confess I'm not a easy kitty, but man, can't you keep up w/ it?

Its really hard to be in love these days, even if you are a libra like I'm (we are addicted to love). So my medicine is time & soon enough when I'm not looking for love, it will knock on my door and say: Hello Stranger & I will be ready for that; in the mean while I will live with a man inside of me & will say: Hi to all of you bad boys.

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  1. Believe in love...don't be like them, eventually that special person is going to come...be wise, actions speak more than a million words...I felt your words, each one of them...I have been were you are or were, and believe me...yo sé como se siente la desilución, el engaño, el sentirse usado...escucha, El se lo perdió...people like that can't love anyone but themselves...a veces vemos las señales pero duele menos si ignoramos lo evidente...be brave and strong...no vuelvas a derramar ni una lágrima mas, no lo merece. Aunque no soy amante de la moda como tu, respeto tu pasión, but be careful of loosing yourself...someone is gonna come for you, pero no puedes mirar atrás...ya no más...I wish you the best... I'm a Libra, just like you. :)