MIss NIght Beauty

Photo by: Eliud Echevarria
Styling: MIss Natalia Collazo
Makeup: Carolina Aponte Rufat
Model:Marieli Zambrana


MIss Warrior

Warrior: a brave or experience soldier or fighter....
photo by: Eliud Echevarria


MIss 3D Editorial

I know that some of you guys stole some 3D glasses from Alice in Wonderland & Avatar, sooo put them on for a great use......

3D editorial made form the pages of the future!!!!!
YEs and the future is here, if we see 3D films why not 3D editorials.....

3D editorial by Baldovino Barani


MIss PoP

POP mag is out go get it..... collector's item

MIss LV Dolls

Louis Vuitton spring-summer 10 bag collection .....
I present my favoritesssss.... so playfull...

MIss Milano

simple elegance.


MIss Lovely

from http://lookbook.nu/#more

MIss Trashy

I think, um, well I'm kind of confuse, um.. Well here is the $1960 "fancy trashy" Louis Vuitton bag for the collection spring-summer 2010..... kind of interesting, n I guess kinda Green and waterproof. no?

have fun w fashion... why not...

MIss Blast from the Past

Japanese Clogs.....

MIss We Are all SIXNE

With the motto "we are all Sixne" designer Humberto Vazques Galeana presents his urban flavor, thru alternative thinking.....

Sixne's movement originated in Mexico more than 5 years ago and transcend to Puerto Rico's urban & night scene. MIsterHumberto had presents a way to have fun and be relax in your own skin, & that is showed in your fashion sense.

"Communicate, express and interpret reality through the simplicity of aesthetic culturized design is not only the main value of sixne, but the reason of its mere existence.”

"We are all SIXNE"
visit the family and shop shop shop!!


MIss Last McQueen

MIss Alexander McQueen fall/winter 2010-11 collection.....


MIss Ecliptica 10.0

The Ecliptica girl is always a trendsetter, a partygoer and best of all a sexy and fun kind of Dudette. Last friday I went to their 10th year anniversary gala @ the Contemporary Art Museum in Puerto Rico to celebrate their success & fashion forward collections. The event was attended by the "it" crowd and was the party to be seen & be at that night.

Glamorous team credits:
Hair by: Jose QuiƱonez (Rockabilly)
Makeup by Javier Romero
Music by: Marcelo

This "new comers" are here to stay, & believe me when I say you are going to see more of Ecliptica all over the globe......

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MIss 30 Ave.

"30 Avenue Montaigne"
by Walter Pfeiffer for French VOGUE


MIss Shear Yummy

Spring/Summer 2010
Bruno Pieters

MIss Old School

How you can make an ipod oldschool.... easy....
IVictrola made this 20th century Magnavox horn cool again, designed by NYC based designer Matt Richmond.
I certainly wont mind owning one...

MIss Vice City

"Born from a desire to create artifacts out of their vices, Cast of Vices jewelry, celebrate the inherent design aesthetic of the substances, while at the same time casting a critical eye on pop culture.The collection is hand crafted in the USA with solid .926 silver sterling silver and 14k gold by using the lost wax process"

You can find Cast of Vices on the best stores around the world:
Colette (Paris)
Loveless (Japan)
Oak (NY)
TenOverSix (LA)
Holt Renfrew (Canada)
Harvey Nichols (Hong Kong)
V2K (Turkey)