MIss Shouldn't but Do

i know, i know its bad for your bodY, but still, I really like the allure of it....

MIss Hurricane Earl

my beautiful Puerto Rico is under the watch.... welcome to hurricane season....

tuesday aug, 31.2010

MIss Band-It

This is what I call "dressing the part". Fashion designer Cynthia Rowley teamed- up with BAND-AID Brand to redesign a high-end band-it, Fabulous. There are 20 different designs included in either a blue or black limited-edition metal tin. The tins cost $10, with a small portion of the sale going towards Design Ignites Change.

DIC is a new way to see charity, "creative charity witch challenges students to use design thinking to explore & create solutions for pressing social problems".... how cool is that!to learn more visit

MIss Beginning

I'm Beginning to miss....


MIss Round

ponchos are in.

MIss Half Sketch

leaving things to imagination is the biggest thrills of life....

Miss Prince Charming

u just have to be Jaret & this hot to rock this look, if not don't even try....


MIss Nati

sometimes when you start to care, is to late for apologies.

MIss Marilyn

MIss Dinner Table

. peaceful house = peaceful life

MIss NIce Platforms


MIss Crochet

so adorable....

MIss Queen Cindy

Who said that 40+ years old supermodels didn't look sexy. Well MIss Cindy Crawford it the jackpot of keep on looking sexy at any age....


MIss Swan

Bjork by Blythe

MIss Temptation.

stressed is dessert backwards....

MIss Fiction Couture

styled by Christine Bierhals
photographed by Sacha Hochstetter.


MIss Baby Blue

shoes. socks. style. This is why I LOVE WHAT I DO....

MIss Hip Hop Royalty

this is how adidas became a Hip Hop most....


MIss Max Fall 2010

This is the lookbook for Max.Tan F/W 2010 & I was simply amazed by it.
The design is so simple yet, futuristic & beautiful complicated.

White & black where the colors of choice for almost every designer this fall season 2010 collections, & in Max.Tan collection is no exception. Playing with the structure and in some weird way with the feminine silhouette taking a simple design to another level.

I Love the bows, love the draping, love the overall look & feel of the collection. I'm sure we are going to hear more of them.....


MIss Moss

are you ready for fall, I know I am.....


MIss Welcome Home

This is the most original door handle I had seen in a while, made by NTD Design. I know that everyone & even me will be freak out at night at first, but I can't stop picturing it with bracelets and maybe a ring.....

MIss Test Shoot

This is a test shoot we did for a local store.
The Location was perfect, the model was beautiful & the creativity was just right........

Photographer : Roberto Ibarra
Styling: Miss Nati Collazo
Makeup & Hair: Christopher Feliciano
Model Braina Laviena
Location: Hunted House in Carraizo

Prime Marketing Productions


MIss High School Length

I believe that the skirt length is coming back to a conservative mode for all of us this fall/winter 2010; and know my mom is going to love my skirts again....

MIss Interesting

there something about Bridget that keep us wondering, how mystery and sex appeal come together ......

MIss Be Stupid

this is what I call a great ad!!!


MIss Pink Wall

sometimes when least expect it, it will hit you..... be prepared