MIss Peace

MIss HOp HOp

MIss Genius


I'm officially began the search for my next eyeglasses...... love my old ones, but I think is time to change mi cute mask... will keep u posted...

MIss Who.


MIss Lady in Red

MIss Sun is Shinning

the sun is shinning the weather is sweet....

MIss UFO Glam

MIss Unusual Feet

‘the shoe is my canvas. the trigger to create a new piece comes when an idea, a concept and/or an image comes to mind..."
 Designer Kobi Levi specializes in designing unusual footwear that blurs the line between fashion and art. 
Levi's shoe can be describe as wearable sculptures, making each pair in his studio by hand. 
Creating a new hybrid and the design/concept comes to life. 



MIss Cocina Abierta

My BFF Claudia Serbia & me @ Cocina Abierta.
Where good friends meet & dine.

Martin Louzao, Head Chef & Owner, Claudia Serbia, Public Relations &  Marketing
San Patricio Town Center

MIss OMG Green

OMG! the jacket is a most. Show me green, cause I love green.

MIss Gautier

John Paul Gautier. marvelous. lol.

MIss White Spectrum

MIss MInty

yes heels will make your butt look glorious..... embrace them...

MIss Pink Hair

love this look.

MIss Movie Lover

Show me the popcorn that its my time to shine. There's always been a tight relation between fashion & movies, & thanks to that I get inspired for my projects.  When you describe a look or call a reference, it all comes back to a actor in a movie or just the look&feel of it.  That's why I believe that the way you live your life and your time here, it will all change always after a movie. So go see one & have fun watching art.


MIss Round Neck

its all about the neckline of the 60's lady this winter/spring 00/11 fashion. Enjoy the doll on you.  Sometimes less skin is more sexy than we think, so stop to trying to be sexy and just be.