MIss LookCool

MIss Reflexion

Hay algo tan inesperado por salir de su causa, que nos hace algunas veces perdernos en nuestra búsqueda.  Mas que un simple deseo, es una simple duda.  Por que nos herimos tanto, por que nos mentimos a nosotros mismos diciendo que de algún modo somos inhumanos, que no tenemos sentimientos al cual tenemos que recurrir, cada vez que un extraño nos invade nuestro espacio.  Es una puerta que no muchos suelen ver, pero si muchos anhelan... NO dejes que personas sin visión en su vida, que se esconden de su realidad, afecte la tuya ya que tu eres el único ser que hace que tu luz brille.  Siempre encontraras la envidia en otros por tu luz, pero esta en ti no dejarla opacar por seres que simplemente nunca la tuvieron......


MIss They Are Part of Me

yes, the heels are that important.......

MIss Bienvenidos

Photo-shoot @ 4am
not bad, when you just love what you do!

pic by Lio Maldonado...

MIss Dance Doll

is always good to play with colors....

MIss Dirty Car


MIss Azotea

styling JOR'G VüLKANO
modelo JE ALEMAN
joyeria ERIKA PEñA
hair & makeup VANELLA
editaje fotos DIANA LIZ


MIss Sleepy Marilyn

MIss Orange.

Never though about it, but orange lipstick is hot!
Its like summer in your mouth, love it.....


MIss My First Day

I confess..... today is the first day of my life! 

Pic by Miss Nati


MIss Kitty Cat

MIss Youth

by dan martensen for exit f/w 2010

MIssTer Alexander Wang

Pre Fall 2011. love.

MIss Strange but True

MIss Dirty Banana

      I'm going to be honest here, I don't like bananas at all. But time to time comes the "vegetarian lover" aka my best friend & bombards me, usually in a dinner or a food discussion & tells everyone: "No, she doesn't eat bananas..". After that for some strange reason I become the weird creature in the table. 

     Well I did my home work & did some research & I though why should I go bananas?

1) it helps for mosquito bites(rubbing the inside of the banana skin can help in the swelling & irritation)
2) Bananas contain the natural mood enhancer, tryptophan.
3) Bananas give an instant, sustained boost of energy. Eat two bananas to produce enough energy for a 90 minute workout.
4) Eat a banana to help calm nervousness, they are high in B vitamins.
5) The quickest way to get rid of a hangover is to drink a banana milkshake. Peel 2 bananas and place in blender. Add honey to taste and milk to desired consistency. The milk will help re-hydrate 
your body while the banana and honey raise blood sugar levels and sooths the stomach.
6) PMS,
The banana contains enough vitamin B6 to raise blood glucose which in turn should affect your mood.
7) If you are trying to quit smoking, the potassium, magnesium, B6 and B12 in bananas can aid in the recovery of nicotine withdrawal
The banana is a natural antacid. Simply eat a banana next time you have heartburn
So should I go Bananas?


MIss Green

green is the new black, for this season, so go ahead & have fun, go green......  

MIss Eye Candy


MIss Sos Tan Fashion

Someone very special to me sent this vid to me, and for some strange reason it got to me. So because of that : I will always have u in my mind & heart.  .(^_^).
Love the relax tone of it, & guess this is my  fav song of the month..

MIsTer Free Flying

Kurt & cat

MIss Suspensor

think light, feel light.

MIss POp

MIss Mila..... making a moment timeless...

MIss Lollypop

Hello new year, hello new life!


MIss Balmain

Kate Moss being caress by art, in a season campaign photoshoot.....

MIss Uh La La


MIss Is to Early for a Bikini?

I love winter, but i love more the summer days....

MIss Crush

the best thing of being a girl is that is always fun to have a new crush!!!!
.......time to play.

MIss Queen Lives

 The new Alexander McQueen collection is a dream come true.......