MIss Between Tea & Dinner

between tea & dinner..... something fabulous is happening.


MIss Nati is not going to leave u....

SO I joined the Tumblr family..... but promise to keep blogging here, this is my baby for more than 2 years, so dont worry..... everything is going to be alright.

p.s. If u are around....
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MIssTer Del Toro

vintage Benicio Del Toro

MIss Blue

MIss Pin Crazy

Pins are cute... pins are girly.
I Love vintage shopping, as u can see & read; & always find myself lucky every time that I find a pin that will change my future looks for the rest of the week....  There is always something so appealing and conversational about a beautiful vintage pin. Go Pin Crazy every time u can, i encourage it....


MIss Elevation

Dreams are only a fragment of your imagination, made them your reality.....


MIsster Recognize?


If u are around, come around.........
Davilla 666 @ La Respuesta
FEB 18. 2011

Check out there music & become a fan......

Director: Alvaro Aponte
Wardrobe MIss Natalia Collazo

MIss The Human capacity way for SIN



MIss Heart

creativity + love = uniqueness.....


MIss Harmonious Form

Here is the latest work of the photographer Karine Basilio’s for Highlights Magazine. Shooting Sam Rayner in body-hugging silhouettes styled by Eric Orlando.

MIss Vanity

ciggs, beauty, red lips, vintage allure....

MIss Blah

f*ck off

MIss Poor Little Rich Girl


MIss Natural Rocks


MIss Strech

stretching is good for the soul....

MIss Chicha en la Cintura

"no subestimes a esta bicha, por que no tiene chicha, en la cintura.... anda quitame la envoltura y ya veras, ya veras....."



no need for caption.

Miss Dear Love

MIss Dear Love:
are you there?

MIss Ugh PLease!!!

please GOD, please, send me these in a size 7......

MIss Creme Undies

There is nothing wrong in having a sexy pair of nude undies.... it is proven that men think that they posses more sex appeal than a over the top, sexy vamp lingerie that we are used to see.....  have fun.

MIss Leather on Leather

I believe there is nothing more beautiful than a leather purse. The smell, the aging beauty and far & for most the stylish way it can turn around a simple outfit and make it fabushhhh!!!!!

Go head and play with leather, is the best way to carry your stuff around....

MIss White Couch

it is without a doubt in my list of things to buy..... a white couch is a must.
I guess the french model doesn't hurt either, in making it look fabulous......


MIssTer Wrong

please tell me, what's wrong about this picture.... xx

MIss 1909

such ladies...


don't have to worry about anything tonight....

MIss 3d Glam

 Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen  During the Haute Couture week in Paris Spring/Summer 2011 she just shown her latest "Escapismcollection". 
It’s her second 3D printed fashion collection and it’s a collaboration between her & architect Daniel Wildrig with the label .MGX by Materialise.

The 3D printed outfits are made at Materialise, the white pieces are in polyamide and made with the selective laser sintering process.

Interesting is only a compliment. enjoy.

MIss Architecture Shoes

by Benoit Meleard


MIss Floor Lenght

put your head against the wall & rest......

MIss White Friends

I can tell we are going to be friends...

MIss Delicates

yes, i guess its time to buy some cute delicates...... lets go shopping......