MIss INCharge

girls, always remember who is in charge.......

MIss Don't be Afraid

dont be afraid of mixing cute with dangerous. Sometimes is the best way to achieve a fashionably happy medium.......

MIss I luv Shoes


MIss Cute Back

there is nothing sexier than a low back, um anything.... so,  Remember to care for it... so everyone can admire it...

MIss SOmeday.

someday I will be ready.

MIss Warm Breeze

MIss Drip Drip

MIss Peachy Shadows

inspiration is only the beginning....



MIss Sideways

on the side is hot.

MIss Kissable Tshirt

kiss kiss bang bang

MIss Lines & Fun

there is something really fun when you mix lines & a fun attitude. Try it, highly recommended ...

MIss Shorts & Tattoos

MIss Cute Neckline

its all about looking & behaving like a good girl.... that how you will get what you deserved......


MIss Garment Belt

not much to say, a whole look to admire...

MIss Is Almost.Time

is almost time to wear fur again... say hello to fall. ;).

MIss Rug Lover

matching your bag with your outfit can be sometimes wonderful.....

MIss Uni-Shirt

confession # 343:   still in love with bodysuits.......

MIss OUtlined