MIss Jacuzzi Boyz

this is what I did to my Jacuzzi Boyz tshirt  .(^_^).

MIss Surreal Vintage

MIss Not Sorry

we are all sinners.....

MIss Cozy Prints

there is nothing bad in mixing prints, only be careful, don't over do it..


MIss F*ck You

there is something about cigs & fuck you sign that describes my attitude today......

MIss FW Alexander McQueen

Shoes, shoes, shoes.
fur, fur, fur.
bondage bondage bondage.


MIss Pedacito de Cielo

Sooo. this is why I've been, or better said I been not blogging that often.  As you guys know I'm a stylist &  producer for El Guapo Cinema, &  for the past three weeks we had been working on the new music video for Sony new artist Christian Daniel and his first video for his single "Pedacito de Cielo". We shoot it in Guayama, PR in a long, long day = 18hr work day. But the result are amazing.  Here you can see a behind the scenes look of the vid. It was shoot by my good friend & photographer Roberto Ibarra. enjoy.

here is the link in case u have a problem seeing it......

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MIss Streech Bars


MIss Natural Green.

MIss Don't U Get it.

don't u get that I created my own world. Where u not invited.


MIss Red U

release yourself of insecurities.

MIss Wht Wedding

lovely dress.


MIss Cause

MIss Extra Long

There something so cute in long skirts.

MIss Lookinspired

Between short, grungy & girly.