MIss Leggings

i really like this....

MIss Bathroom Check-up

this is what I do every-time I put my mascara on.... who doesn't?????


MIss Mary KAte

MIss Bedazzle

MIss Blk Balcony

MIss Pupils

Pupillary response is a physiological response that varies the size of the pupil, either resulting in constriction[1] or dilation (expansion), via activation or deactivation of the iris dilator muscle. The response can have a variety of causes, from an involuntary reflex reaction to exposure or inexposure to light — in low light conditions a dilated pupil lets more light into the eye — or it may indicate interest in the subject of attention or indicate sexual stimulation.[2] The pupils contract immediately before someone falls asleep....

just to let u know....

MIss Cut-Outs'

MIss Mazzy Star