MIss Purple Dudette

i still like colorful tights.... used them, they are sexy too.

MIss Monday

i like mondays. at least today i do.....

MIss The moon is hanging Low

For a strange reason, last night turned into a youtube frenzy back-to-back playback, & the best part was,  that there where videos from  the 1920's Glamour!!!!
  & YES,  I  just remembered why I love what I do......

This are my favorites ones.. let me know what you think.... ciao

the charleston.



MIss Night Style



MIss I miss u Fiona

I found MIss Fiona Apple....
follow the link. xoxo

MIss It GIrl.

lovely it girl knows how to dress.


MIss Blk Milk

This is just what I like to encounter.... Fun fashion. Blk milk is a leggings designer house gone fashionably loud statement. They even have a Partnehip with Jeffrey C., a Match made in fashion heaven. Enjoy......

MIss london 2012

Im proud to say i did my part.

Costume Design by Natalia Collazo
Director: Willie Berrios
Editor: Lou
Producer: Carmen Diaz


MIss Discrete Neon

MIss Dream Bathtub

there is nothing more relaxing than a simple bath.  I truly miss it.
to do list in life... #438 make sure your dream house bathroom look like this..... yes deserved it!!!

MIss Wht&Blk Skull

sometimes the perfect accessory is all u need.....

MIss Cape Glam

When a great outfit becomes a gown.

MIss Tuesday Say

Today was not that exciting but, by the end of the day turned to full inspiration mode.......


MIss Nati & MIss Clau by 1dayrobot

sequence of a few seconds.......

MIss EyeLashes

There is one thing I can't live without when styling a great look; & my makeup artist knows very well what I'm talking about.  Eyelashes, Eyelashes, Eyelashes!!!!!!!! I adore them & it takes the make up and everything else to the next level!!!!!!!
SO don't be afraid to try them to go out @night, to dinner or anything, there is nothing wrong with playing.....

They say "eyes are the gate for your soul", so make them unforgettable.........


MIss Bunny Hunt

Styling by MIss Natalia Collazo
Photo by Abnel Gonzalez
Fabulous Model: Yessenia Monge
Makeup by Eliezer Gonzalez


MIssTer Marc 4 Interview

I simply adore Marc Jacobs, his vision of fashion & the world are no exception on my respect for this  Fashion Icon.
After seeing this interview by Interview Magazine made me love more  his simple explication of his world and curiosities .... enjoy.....


MIssTer James

Just a reminder of James Dean cuteness


MIss CandyShoe of the Week

My new addiction.  BY Deandri

get them here...... http://www.solestruck.com/deandri-olga-grey/index.html#

MIss Every Diamond Counts

MIss ChildRevel

I just adore this simple, print. have fun in the water....

MIss Wht HOrse

For a strange reason I keep seen white horses anywhere I go... so i did next big thing; I goggle it....  
The horse is a noble and powerful animal. As a dream symbol it can represent a wide range of positive thoughts and ideas about ones self or others. Depending on the details of the dream, horses can symbolize freedom, power, and sexual energy. At times, they can also be considered messengers, relaying information from the unconscious to the conscious, from the spiritual to the physical. The meaning of a dream featuring a horse or horses varies greatly with the details and the action so all the elements should be looked up, but as a general guide: A dream of seeing horses predicts a period of all-around ease and you will build up wealth and enjoy life to its fullest. Color must also be considered in interpreting a horse dream and the meaning modified as follows: Black signifies delays. White intensifies the positive. Gray indicates preceding difficulties. Sorrel or Piebald pertains to confusion. Brown concerns mental pursuits, and Tan or Palomino relates to love affairs. 


MIss Girl Panic

This is simply the BEST FASHION VIDEO I've seen so far....... bon appetite
muchas gracias mi querido G.... for showing me this masterpiece........xxxo

Girl Panic
by Duran Duran

"I though been in a band was cool, too....."